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"Baal Leela" Sanjhi Gulaal Kurta Pajama

Size: 0-6 Months
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Sanjhi art is the famous fine art of Braj.

According to mythology, this art was started by Shri Radha ji herself. It is also believed that the word Sanjhi is actually derived from Saanjh, which means 'evening'. Radharani loved to have company with the deity Krishna while making Sanjhi in the forest.

Since then, this tradition was adopted by the people of Braj and to please Radha-Krishna, they started making 'Sanjhi' in the courtyard of their homes. Once upon a time, Sanjhi was made in every household of Braj, but today Sanjhi is standing on the verge of extinction.

The beauty of Sanjhi is its delicate designs and detailed illustrations and motifs. Most of the designs are compositions narrating stories related to Krishna.
To cut stencils, craftsmen make use of small fine custom-made scissors and then use the stencil picture do to create.

To introduce our traditions to our younger ones where they can see, feel & appreciate art & culture, we present the Saanjhi Kamal Kurta Pajama from our heritage art collection.


  • Material: Cotton.
  • Pattern: Sanjhi Hand Painted Design
  • Color: Maroon Kurta & White Pajama
  • Occasion: Ethnic wear
  • Ideal for: Baby Boys/ Boys
  • Slight variation in original color due to lighting used in product photography.Baa

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